123movies Gives Paid Sites a Run for Their Money

I recently discovered a simple trick that I think might change the way a lot of people view their online entertainment were they to learn about it.  First of all, I must make it clear that I do not watch much television at all anymore, as I have found that most of the stuff that I would like to watch can be found on the internet, and the best part is the fact that I can access it whenever I want to.  Now, while there are many people who get all of their entertainment over the internet through sites like Netflix and other paid subscription services, I recently discovered 123movies which gives you access to a whole bunch of the same or similar content and does not charge you a monthly fee.  This is the type of site that might end up changing the way that we get our entertainment forever.


    I would say that free entertainment sites like this are absolutely revolutionary in that they allow people to access all of their favorite forms of entertainment and they do not have to pay out of their pockets for it.  So long as you have a good broadband internet connection, you will have access to hundreds of movies and will not have to pay for them either as rentals or as part of a subscription.  With the rise of sites like this, one kind of wonders what might happen to all of the paid entertainment sites in the future.  After all, it is difficult to compete with free.

    I do not know that these sites will end up putting the paid sites out of business, but it is certainly an interesting thing to think about, and they are definitely giving them a run for their money.